Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A New Idea for Nursing Moms, Haberman Feeders

Many new breastfeeding moms find themselves using a bottle for one reason or another. It is a great way to let mom get some sleep while your partner has some bonding time with the baby. The only problem is that bottles function in an entirely different way than the breast. Baby only has to give a few small sucks and milk flows freely so that all baby has to do is swallow. The position and action of babies tongue is also completely different with the bottle than the breast. This can cause some confusion for baby and can ultimately lead to baby rejecting the breast or milk supply problems due to an improper latch and sucking technique. I frequently recommend to my breastfeeding clients that they use Medela Haberman Feeders for the first six weeks of breastfeeding. These bottles are actually made for babies that have a cleft palate. It has a longer teat type nipple with a slit-valve in the mouthpiece that opens only when baby sucks. The flow of milk is determined by babies sucking and position of the teat in baby's mouth just like when your baby breastfeeds. There is absolutely no back flow in these bottle so no air for baby to swallow. These are a little pricey but I believe worth it for moms who are serious about breastfeeding or who have babies with reflux. They also make a mini size one for premature babies. You can purchase these online at www.selfexpressions.com/habermanfeeder.html

If you live in San Antonio you can purchase the Haberman feeders at the Methodist Womens Lactation Center, 8109 Fredericksburg Rd. Dont let them talk you into not buying them. They tell most of my clients that they don't need them and they don't know why some crazy doula keeps recommending them. Just smile and buy them anyway. Your crazy doula guarantees you will be glad you did!

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  1. And do NOT go to NC Baptist - those people were scary crazy.