Monday, October 1, 2012

Swaddling Your Houdini Baby

Most parents know that swaddling a newborn baby is an important tool to help them sleep longer and more peacefully. Most babies benefit from being swaddled until they are 3-4 months old. The challenge is how to keep your wiggily, squirmy baby in the swaddle? 

I have discovered an ingenius solution made by Pee Wee Baby that I wanted to share with you. They have a line of products called Swaddle Buddy that will keep even the best, baby escape artist swaddled. 

The first of three options is the Original Swaddle Buddy. The Original SwaddleBuddy™ is a swaddle accessory that can be used with any receiving blanket or other swaddle to keep your houdini baby swaddled! The arm wraps keep the arms comfortably at the sides. Unlike other swaddles that wrap the arms, the SwaddleBuddy™ uses hook and loop to prevent the arms from becoming unwrapped by an especially wiggly swaddle houdini.  It is not to be used alone, but in combination with a blanket or swaddle.  

The second option is the Swaddle Buddy Suit. This is my favorite option for those of us who live in a hot climate like Texas. It  also allows for free movement of the legs which is a big plus in my eyes. The Suit option is perfect for use in swings and bouncy seats. The hook and loop opening allows for super easy access for diaper changes without having to unswaddle.  

The third option is the Swaddle Buddy Sack. The Sack option acts like a more traditional swaddle in that it completely covers the legs and the pouch is sewn closed at the bottom. However, since the leg pouch and wrap portion are all one piece, babies are unable to kick their legs out. 

All of the swaddles come in adorable colors and are 100% cotton. There is even a certified 100% organic option. Check them out and let me know what you think. I love sharing practical, innovative solutions that make life with baby easier and more fun. I would love to hear about your favorite products.

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